NC Highway 11 North


Name NC Highway 11 N
Address NC Hwy 11 N, Kinston NC
Acres 1
Grant Type Environmental Assessment
Status Completed 9/20/2016



The Phase I ESA was completed at this property on September 20, 2016. This site is approximately 1 acre of an 81.89-acre parcel located at 2585 NC Highway 11 North. At the time of the inspection, the site was improved with one vacant 5,952 square-foot structure. The site was developed as early as 1956 as agricultural land. The current structure was constructed in 1964 and was reportedly used as a grocery store until approximately the early 2000s when the facility was used as a gymnasium.

Now a part of Lenoir Community College!

Since the completion of the Phase I ESA at this location, the property was donated to the Lenoir Community College and $30,000 has been invested to update the HVAC and electrical components of the structure. The space is currently leased to a carbon dioxide distribution company generating revenue for the Lenoir Community College.

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