Kinston Shirt Factory


Name Kinston Shirt Factory
Address 500 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Kinston NC
Acres 7.6
Grant Type Environmental Assessment
Status Completed 8/9/2016



The Phase I ESA was completed at this property on June 29, 2015 and updated on February 29, 2016. This 7.6-acre property includes 15 parcels and is mostly located northeast, southwest and northwest of the intersection of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and East Caswell Street. At the time of the site inspection, the subject site was mostly vacant, cleared land with the exception of the former Kinston Fire Station Number 2 building located near the northeast portion of the site. Currently, this structure is occupied by the New Beginnings Outreach Center. The subject site was developed as far back as 1937 as a large factory with surrounding dwellings until 2008 when the remaining structures were razed. Recognized Environmental Concerns (RECs) identified in the Phase I ESA included releases associated with the former use of petroleum USTs at the site; historical industrial operations at the subject site including documented releases of petroleum to soil and petroleum and solvents to groundwater; the potential presence of USTs on two parcels of the subject site; and the historical uses of surrounding properties including a dry cleaner, lumber yard and oil company. Phase II activities were completed at the property on August 9, 2016 and May 16, 2017.

Field activities during the 2016 Phase II assessment were completed in two phases. During the first phase, six soil borings were drilled at the site and five permanent monitoring wells were installed. During the second phase, a 10,000-gallon closed-in-place (CIP) UST was removed and soil samples were collected from around the tank and under former product and return lines. Both phases were conducted on the large parcel formerly used for the multiple shirt factory operations. Field activities associated with the 2017 Phase II assessment were intended to assess environmental quality of the additional parcels included in the assemblage. These activities included the installation of five temporary groundwater monitoring wells and one sub-slab soil gas sampling point inside the remaining structure located at the site.

Successfully entered into the North Carolina Brownfields Program!

Results of the Phase II ESAs revealed impacted soils at the site exceeding action levels, groundwater with tetrachloroethylene (PCE) above North Carolina Groundwater Quality Standards (NCGQS) and a potential vapor intrusion (VI) condition on the northeastern parcel included in the study. Mid-Atlantic recommended additional VI assessment and/or pre-emptive vapor mitigation measures when the site is developed in the future.

This site has was enrolled in the North Carolina Brownfields Program (NCBP) and a finalized Brownfields Agreement (BFA) was recorded with the property deed on October 4, 2018 by the City of Kinston. The BFA is, in effect, a covenant not-to-sue offered to a prospective developer of a brownfields property. Under a brownfields agreement, a prospective developer agrees to perform those actions deemed by the department to be essential to make the property suitable for the proposed reuse.

In return, the department agrees to limit the liability of the prospective developer to those actions described in the agreement. This allows the prospective developer to go to a lending institution with a defined, instead of an open-ended, liability for environmental cleanup. Through such agreements, redevelopment at these brownfields sites will be encouraged, lessening the incentive for developers to move into “greenfields” areas. The finalized BFA for this site will increase its marketability to potential developers who wish to redevelop this vacant site with new, vibrant businesses bringing additional jobs and economic growth to the area.

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