Former Harvey Oil


Name Former Harvey Oil
Address Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and East Vernon Avenue, Kinston, NC
Acres 0.57
Grant Type Environmental Assessment
Status Completed 08/31/2017



The Phase I ESA was completed at this property on March 9, 2017. This 0.57-acre property includes one parcel and is located at the intersection of Vernon Avenue and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. At the time of the inspection, the site was a vacant, undeveloped lot. The site was developed as early as 1925 with a bulk fuel storage facility owned by the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. The site continued to operate as a bulk storage and distribution facility under various names until at least 1998. The subject site has remained vacant since the former structures associated with the fuel storage facility were removed in 2001.

Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) identified in the Phase I ESA included the historical use of the site as a bulk fuel storage facility with two documented releases resulting in soil and groundwater contamination; the historical and current uses of several surrounding properties as bulk fuel storage and filling stations; and the documented releases to the environment on multiple adjacent and nearby properties.

The Phase II ESA was completed at the property on August 30 and 31, 2017 and included the advancement of 12 soil borings and the installation of three temporary groundwater monitoring wells. Groundwater samples were collected from two of the three temporary wells and one of the existing monitoring wells. Due to the presence of free product in two of the onsite wells (temporary well TMW-2 and existing well MW-D) and sediment blockage in a third well (existing well MW-B), these wells were not sampled during the Phase II field activities. Results of the Phase II ESA indicated contaminants of concern (COCs) detected in soils above North Carolina Protection of Groundwater and Residential Health-Based Preliminary Soil Remediation Goals (PSRGs) and the DWM Soil to Water Maximum Soil Contaminant Concentrations (MSCCs). Additionally, COCs in groundwater were detected above North Carolina Groundwater Quality Standards (NCGQS) and both Residential and Non-Residential Vapor Intrusion Screening Levels. This site, in conjunction with the Former Salt Wood Products site, has been entered into the North Carolina Brownfields Program (NCBP) and the City is awaiting a draft Brownfield Agreement (BFA) for review.

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